Why a week of action for a world parliament?

We demand a world parliament, now!
We demand a world parliament, now!
We demand a world parliament, now!

Many groups around the world work to promote ideals such as freedom, democracy, human rights, protection of the environment, etc… however we are normally isolated in our parcel of especialisation, advocating for change in that concrete issue and very rarely have a holistic approach. Even the groups asking for Global Democracy in general terms encounter the problem of not agreeing on what should be the priority, so big is the challenge ahead of turning the current system of bad global governance upside down.

It is for this precise reason that, in a meeting of the group promoting the creation of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) in Barcelona, Spain, the idea was launched to have a global day of action to demand a World Parliament, simply and boldly.

The proposal was maximalistic: it didn’t intend to describe how this World Parliament should look like or how should it work, it just wanted to focus on the fact that we need a World Parliament, as an idea, to replace the current ineffective and inoperative system of global governance.

The idea was put forward to the global mailing list of activists of the campaign for a UNPA where it was positively considered and since then the action is promoted by the campaign. Then it was also proposed to the Facebook Group Global Democracy, where 100s of global activists meet to discuss ideas and organise campaigns to democratise the world order.

Thanks to social media and via skype calls an international coordination committee was created which agreed on a timeline and has been preparing the various tools of the action; logo, website, banner, commercials, etc., all self-organised, without any budget, based on volunteers.

Right now, one month before the start of the action, people in more than 40 cities have confirmed their participation in the week of action and a lot more are yet to come. The promotion has just started!

The aim of this action week is to put the people of the world in the spotlight. For too long this sort of actions and campaigns have been focused on high-flying politicians and intellectuals, who have been asked over and over to help democratize the current system of  international relations. But what was achieved? In this case, the action is directed to those who have more to win and more to lose in this; ourselves, the world citizens.

World citizens suffer from hunger, from wars, from global warming, from speculation, etc., whereas some leaders that represent a very tiny minority take decisions that will affect all of us. This is not only unfair and undemocratic, it is also a very inefficient way to take decisions. Decisions about how we should organise the relationship between the peoples of the world should be taken in a body whose ultimate purpose is to serve the general interest and it should be democratic, this is why we need a World Parliament.

This is why during the week of 17 to 24 October 2013 people from all continents will be asking to “Let the people decide”.

Read the week of actions’ callout text here on the main page.