If you feel that our current political system is inadequate to deal with growing global challenges, you are not alone! The pandemic has shown us how a divided world is incapable of solving global challenges. 

Thank you to the dedicated organizers for their hard work making the 8th annual Week for World Parliament a huge success! See you next year for the 2022 Week for World Parliament!


            • Watch recordings of online events below.
            • Read the Open Letter for World Parliament here.
            • Read the summary of 2021 events here

Humanity deserves a voice in global affairs. Call for a #WorldParliamentNow to #ShareTheVaccines.

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We are raising money to support event organizers around the world. Our organizers plan online events, educational seminars, and in-person demonstrations to raise awareness and support for a world parliament. To increase attention and participation in these events, we provide our organizers with online advertisements and physical printed materials. These things come at a cost.


Online advertisements for one event can cost between $10 – $50 USD.
Printing and shipping one box of materials to event organizers costs $60 – $75 USD.


See the proposed budget here. The legal beneficiary is the Young World Federalists. All donations managed by the Young World Federalists and Democracia Global.