If you feel that our current political system is inadequate to deal with growing global challenges, you are not alone! The pandemic has shown us how a divided world is incapable of solving global challenges. 

Join the Week for World Parliament from October 21st to 28th 2021 to call for the establishment of a World Parliament that will give real representation to all people on Earth. A world parliament with the power to respond to global crises like pandemics would be able to coordinate a worldwide answer to lockdowns and vaccine distribution.

Humanity deserves a voice in global affairs. Call for a #WorldParliamentNow to #ShareTheVaccines.

Find an event near you or online

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Stand outside with a “#WorldParliamentNow” or “#ShareTheVaccines” sign and have a friend talk to people who walk by. Take a picture of yourself or a group of people holding a paper or banner with the slogan “World Parliament Now!” and hashtag “#ShareTheVaccines” and share it on social media. Photos in city-centers in front of landmarks are ideal, but one in your kitchen wearing your home-office clothes also works!

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Invite a professional like a university professor or civil society expert to give a presentation or speech about UN reform, global citizenship, or world parliament. Find a place for them to speak and invite your community to attend. You can also organize a Model Global Parliament for students at your local college or university. We will provide materials and support for event organizers so you will not have to work alone!

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Reach out to lawmakers, local organizations, and leading figures in your community to show their support for a world parliament and global citizenship. The movement to #ShareTheVaccines needs the support of those in power, it’s up to us to make our voices heard and sway public opinion towards a united world. We provide organizers with template emails and letters to make contacting people and organizations easy. 

How it works

Host an event for the Week for World Parliament in your city. We provide toolkits for online, education, and action-focused events so you don’t have to start from scratch.


Use our online forum to connect with other event organizers around the world to share tips, plan actions, and build friendships with other world citizens. We host regular calls and events to bring event organizers together and share the tools they need to host engaging, informative, and transformational events in their city.

Choose a topic, date, and time for the event and begin sharing the details online. Our organizer toolkits have template social media posts for each type of event. Additionally, our volunteers in our community forum are able to assist you with online marketing. 

Support global democracy activism

This year, we are raising money to support event organizers around the world. Our organizers will be organizing online events, educational seminars, and in-person demonstrations to raise awareness and support for a world parliament. To increase attention and participation in these events, we are hoping to provide our organizers with online advertisements and physical printed materials. These things come at a cost.

Online advertisements for one event can cost between $10 – $50 USD.
Printing and shipping one box of materials to event organizers costs $60 – $75 USD.


See the proposed budget here. The legal beneficiary is the Young World Federalists. All donations managed by the Young World Federalists and Democracia Global.