The Global Week of Action for a World Parliament is an annual event celebrated for 10 days in October around United Nations Day on the 24th. During this week independent events worldwide are held to promote the establishment of a democratically elected world parliament.

The first Week of Action in 2013 was launched and coordinated by a group of individuals connected through social media, the global federalist movement, and the campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly. Activities were carried out in around fifty cities in fifteen countries in the Global North and South.

Those celebrating the Week of Action with events and activities endorse the original founding declaration which calls for the establishment of global democracy through a world parliament elected by the world’s citizens. The statement calls on individuals, organizations, groups and movements everywhere to mobilize for the Week of Action.

Everyone who is preparing GWA events and activities and who wishes to be involved is invited to join the GWA’s coordination network. The network’s mailing list can be subscribed by sending an email to gwa-cn+subscribe@googlegroups.com.

The Week of Action is an initiative promoted by the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly.

If you have any questions or comments, write to contact@worldparliamentnow.org.