Actions around the world 2017

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Events during the Global Week of Action
for a World Parliament, 20-30 October 2017

Events and details will be added continuously as preparations proceed.

Please contact us if you would like to organize an action yourself.

  1. Argentina, Buenos Aires: Parlamento Mundial Ya
  2. Azerbaijan, Baku: World Parliament Now!
  3. Bangladesh, Dhaka: World Parliament Now!
  4. Bangladesh, Rangpur City: World Parliament Now!
  5. Belgium, Brussels: World Parliament Now!
  6. Germany, Berlin: Democracy without borders
  7. Germany, Munich: World Parliament Now
  8. Egypt, Cairo: Photo Action for a World Parliament
  9. Israel, Tel Aviv: One world
  10. India, Delhi: World Parliament Now
  11. Kenya, Ahero: World Parliament Now!
  12. Sweden, Stenungsund: Manifestation for global democracy
  13. Thailand, Sisaket: World Parliament Now!
  14. Uganda, Kampala: World Parliament Now!
  15. United States, Washington D.C.: World Parliament Now

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