Welcome to the Global Week of Action 2014 – Join us to make a difference

Hello everyone:

Vivian is the President of the World Federalist Movement-Canada in Vancouver, BC where she has lived for 15 years. Having lived in many countries and speaking different languages has allowed her to understand the universal humanity of all people, one of the many reasons that makes her passionate about a World Parliament. She has been involved with the Global Week of Action since its origin and is also involved with many grassroots and non-profit volunteerism at home. She has many hobbies and interests ranging from athletics to acting and travel and is proud to be an advocate of Global Democracy.

By now you have hopefully heard of the Global Week of Action (GWA) for a World Parliament; this is a very exciting event that was held for the first time in October 2013.  After a lot of preparation and weekly Skype calls, organizers from many corners of the world coordinated events in many cities. Advocates of a democratic world parliament from many regions including Africa, Europe, South and North America among others, managed to organize various types of activities to raise awareness of several issues relating to the democratization of our world society.  It was very exciting to see photographs of participants with many types of people in their local communities; from political figures to passersby on busy downtown streets our collective efforts over one week in October were woven together across the world into a joined movement advocating for a World Parliament.

This year we are spirited by the success of last year’s events to continue our efforts to raise awareness of the issues we strongly believe in. Our hope is that, if implemented on a global level, our vision of a World Parliament will lead to a safer, more peaceful and democratic world where all people, regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, age or gender will be able to lead happier and healthier lives now and for generations to come.

Please join us as we mark the second year of the GWA and help make the dream of a better world possible! Together we can, together we will.  Always remember that the value of each of us and the power of all of us working together can make any vision a reality! World Parliament Now!

Vivian Davidson-Vancouver, BC Canada