The idea of a World Parliament discussed in Berlin

Discussing a Future World Parliament in the Backyard of the Brandenburg Gate

A Short Report on the Berlin Event during our Global Week of Action 2014


During the 2nd Global Week of Action for a World Parliament, it was great to see for me that we had events in almost all of the 20 official UN regions, but it was a pity that I could not attend most of them personally. I therefore decided to travel to Berlin for one day to go the public discussion organized by our colleagues Friedrich Brandi, Andreas Bummel and Peter Spiegel and to the meeting of the Committee for a Democratic United Nations. The topic of discussion (in German) on Octobre 18th was:  Global Governance 2.0 – how can we make it possible to govern the world again (Wie machen wir die Welt wieder regierbar)?

15586312566_c838bd2146_zThe venue in the Allianz Forum on the Paris Square in Berlin (see photo) was very inspirational: Looking out of the window you could see the Brandenburg Gate, the symbol of the old international order of the Cold War, from the Eastern side and discuss the development of a new order and the possible inclusion of a World Parliament.

A very lively discussion among the more than 20 participants was moderated by Rebekka Schremmer from the German UN Association based on two very good presentations: The Campaign for the Establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly was introduced by Andreas Bummel, the campaign coordinator. I found especially interesting his point that the creation of a World Parliament can be seen as a step from adolescence to adulthood for humankind taking responsibility for the matters that concern it as a whole. Peter Spiegel, Founder of the Genesis Institute and the spiritus rector of social business and the WeQ movement, added many interesting aspects, for example how Gorbatchev’s reform agenda in the Soviet Union was far more ambitious than just to end the Cold War, he called it Perestroika 3.0 in the context of global governance.

Thanks to everybody who participated in this event. In my opinion it was a very good example for events that can be organized in our Global Week of Action 2015 elsewhere. Even if the location is less prestigious and the key note speakers not as inspiring as in our event, the format seems to be good: Just invite two or more panelists to discuss and interesting topic knowing that this is part of similar actions everywhere would hopefully be very appealing to people interested in our cause. And if you plan something like this or a different format and need help, please do not hesitate to contact our team