More Actions for Global Democracy

Beyond organizing and participating in Week for World Parliament events, there are many other ways to show your support for a united, democratic world. 

Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly

Endorse the UNPA Campaign. Sign the online form and add your name to the growing list of international supporters. Ask your family, friends, and colleagues to endorse the campaign, too. And then ask them to ask their friends. Send them the link to the online form.

Contact your elected representatives. The representatives of the constituency in which you vote should care about your views. Ask your local member of parliament to endorse the UNPA Campaign’s appeal. Here is a form that you can print out. Getting elected representatives on board is crucial to creating the political support that the campaign needs.

Are you a member of a political party or an NGO? Then ask the board or the general meeting of your organization to formally endorse it. Once this is achieved, your organization’s support can be registered with the online form.


Join the campaign to #MakeEarthDemocratic! We must create a democratic world federation empowered to serve the common interest of humanity. We are all global citizens because we share a common planet, universal human rights, and responsibilities towards each other. These inherent rights and responsibilities should become a reality for everyone.

The will of all people should be the basis for legitimate and accountable decision-making in global affairs. A functioning global democratic society requires that every constituent of the global community practices democratic governance. The freedom and autonomy of the individual, locality, and nation must be balanced with effective governance through layered, clearly defined responsibilities and rights. All people, corporations, and governments must be subject to binding, enforceable world law. The principles of a world federation must be protected by a world constitution.