How to organize a small model global parliament?

If you still think how to make your event during our 3rd Global Week of Action for a World Parliament more interesting, why not organize a model global parliament session? It does not have to be as big as previous events (for example:, you can even use a group of 5 + x people (don’t forget the photo with our slogan: world parliament now!) to start a political experiment: what if this group had to decide what we imagine a future world parliament to decide? What would our group’s input be? And how do we organize our decision-making process? Could this help us to get a World Parliament rather sooner than later? This can be the start of a very interesting discussion. You could ask every member to start with a proposal and discuss this proposal, amend it and vote on it.

World Parliament Experiment in Norway

If you lack ideas, here are a few very simple possibilities for starting points:



The UN climate summit in December should set goals that are:

–          Very ambitious (limit global warming to less than 2 degrees)

–          Ambitious (2 degrees)

–          Less ambitious (more than 2 degrees)

–          No goals

–          Other aspects

The burden of the decisions should be on:

–          G7 countries (a%)

–          BRICS countries (b%)

–          Rest of G 77 (c%)

–          Rest of the world (d%)



In case of massive human rights violations (you might think about Syria), there should be:


–          No intervention in internal affairs of a state

–          Only non-military intervention by outsiders

–          Military intervention in some/most cases with/without UN approval

–          Other aspects


Fight against poverty

Some form of global tax to fight poverty should


–          Not be created

–          Be created, but be small

–          Be created and be a big deal

–          Other ideas


Other issues

We will try to organize such a small model global parliament in Datteln/Westphalia/Germany, if you plan something similar and need help and/or want to connect somehow, please let us know. We can even organize it over internet. In the past, we have used the “World Parliament Experiment” ( for this purpose. The technology behind it is not ideal, but it works and you can feel free to use it, we hope to improve it soon or you use other tools on the internet.

It would be very interesting if your group created a short document containing your results to start a discussion process with other groups afterwards. Of course, you can even start before your event to let participants and outsiders collect ideas, the earlier you post this on our website, the greater the chance of success and participation…

Best wishes for all your initiatives, we are looking forward to working together with you for the “World Parliament Now” campaign,

Rasmus Tenbergen

On behalf of the Global Week of Action Organizing Team