How to make a World Parliament Now! banner

WPN Buenos Aires2
Buenos Aires, Argentina. Your sign can be in any language.

Are you thinking about participating in the Global Week of Action for a World Parliament? But you are not exactly sure of how to go about  it? Excellent, then you have found the right place!

The easiest way to participate is probably just to take a photo of yourself holding a sign or a banner with our slogan “World Parliament Now!” But there are many ways to make a banner…

Gothenburg, Sweden. Let’s take the opportunity to involve our children and teach them about the equal value of all human beings.

If you are a rather large group of people planning for an event, then
perhaps you want to make the sign out of many individual pieces. One piece for each letter. Just remember that you need to be enough people to be able to hold all the letters!


Winnipeg 2013
Winnipeg, Canada

You can of course also write two or more letters on one piece. Then you can be a smaller group of people and still carry different parts of the whole message.


WPN Dubai 2013



If you are just one person, then it is probably best to write or print the whole slogan on just one piece. But you can still make it very artistic if you like. And you can have someone take a powerful picture of you and your message at some nice or symbolic location.



You can also just print or let someone print the World Parliament Now! banner picture from our website.

WPN Palestine one piece
West Bank, Palestine

Hopefully these suggestions and examples will inspire you to participate in our Global Week of Action for a World Parliament, 17-26 October.

There are of course many other ways to make a sign. Why not write it in the sand of your local beach and take a photo from a close by hill or house roof? Or why not make a message out of persons standing as letters forming the message? Use the gift of your imagination, it can overcome great barriers.

Salsomaggiore 2013
Salsomaggiore, Italy. For a small amount of money you can perhaps let your local printer create a banner with our World Parliament Now picture and with your logo on it.

In whatever way or language. As an individual or as a group. Let’s raise a message for the people of the world: “World Parliament Now!”