2015 Global Week of Action was celebrated around the world

Activists in the Italian city Taranto want a unified Europe and a “World Parliament Now!”

The 2015 Global Week of Action for a World Parliament, celebrated from 15-25 October, highlighted activities around the planet in support of a democratic World Parliament. About 40 smaller and larger actions were arranged on all

Image: CARI Young Group
Photo from CARI teleconference, Buenos Aires. Image: CARI Young Group

inhabited continents, from North and South America to Asia and Oceania. Most of the activities took place during the actual “week”, others some time before or after.

In Buenos Aires a teleconference on the subject of a United Nations Parliament was organized at the Argentine Council on International Relations (CARI). Here you can read more about this event.

Image from the Creating a Workable World Conference, Minneapolis

In Minneapolis a “Creating a Workable World” Conference was organized at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs. The discussions of the conference included, among many other subjects, the proposal to establish a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA). During the conference there was a photo action in support of a World Parliament.

Photo action by the Swat team for a World Parliament, Swat, Pakistan.

Many photo actions and flashmobs during the Global Week of Action were organized also in different cities in Italy, such as Genova, Rome, Taranto and Verona, and also in cities like Boston, Cincinnati and New York in the United States. Other photo events took place in Australia, Germany, Japan, Pakistan, Russia, Sweden and in Thailand.

In Sweden there was also a seminar on the topic of a World Parliament held at the venues of the Parliament of Sweden, hosted by MPs from five different parties from both governing and opposition sides. Here you can read more about that event.

Photo action by the CHEAD youth club, Ahero, Kenya.

In Ahero, Kenya, the CHEAD youth club organized a clean up day to improve the local environment as a way also to mark their support for a World Parliament.

This was only a selection of stories and photos. Here you can find more images from the 2015 Global Week of Action for a World Parliament.


Thank you all who participated for your support! Let’s all continue our struggle for global democracy and universal political equality. #worldparlnow